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At The Szikman Dental Group, we treat our patients the way we would want to be treated— with courtesy, competency and genuine care. It just makes sense to treat patients like family. After all, our dental office is a family-run business, with Dr. Michael Szikman and his son Dr. Richard Szikman at the helm of our two-generation practice.

We take pride in what we do, and are continually training to stay abreast of the newest and most effective ways to manage our patients' dental health. Modern dentistry has made impressive strides in recent years, and you deserve dental professionals who offer the most in cutting-edge technology and techniques. When it comes to advanced dental procedures, our dentists use only the highest quality restorations and cosmetic materials. Protecting the integrity of our patients' teeth is always on the forefront of our minds. The Szikman Dental team is, and has always been, fully committed to performing the most conservative treatments, which we believe bring the best results. We are also dedicated to educating our patients about the condition of their teeth and gums, as well as key points to preventing future dental problems and maintaining a healthy smile.

Along with receiving complete, technologically-advanced dental care, The Szikman Dental Group guarantees patients a comfortable and friendly experience for every appointment. We cater to those who are easily made anxious or fearful by trips to the dentist, which is why we offer comforting distractions such as televisions, DVD players, headphones, and large windows that open up to the relaxing view outside, for all patients.

The Szikman Dental Group is where smiles are made. These smiles don't just benefit our patients— who emerge from our office with more confidence in their oral health and appearance than ever before— they benefit us, too. Knowing that we can help people look and feel so much better is our motivation to keep providing the most high-quality care available.

We here at The Szikman Dental Group are confident in our ability to please our patients, and we receive proof of our success every day. Dozens of happy patients have provided testimonials for The Szikman Dental Group and Drs. Michael and Richard Szikman, and we would like to share those with you! Visit our Testimonials page to hear about just how much The Szikman Dental Group has to offer, and the kind of quality service you can expect.


  • "I’ve been seeing Dr Michael Szikman at the Szikman Dental Group practice for around a year now, and I have never experienced anyone who is more dedicated to his patients.